Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Milk Bottle... New Bedford, MA

In 2003, Scott and Crystal Vurpillatte bought the vintage Frates bottle on Achushnet Avenue in New Bedford, renamed the place after their young daughter Tali, and seem determined to make this place again a great little restaurant and ice cream parlor. They want to keep the best of the old and bring in new traditions too. Crystal says the workforce is very different now.
The main attraction, the bright white bottle stands 52-feet tall.
But it's reassuring to find a young couple with strong entrepreneurial spirits ready to shake up a wonderful old structure with new ideas and high butterfat ice cream. Don't drive through New Bedford without stopping by.The New Bedford Bottle is 52' tall and was built in 1930. It still serves 43 flavors of ice cream. There were new owners in 2003 who renamed it "Tali's Place" but, as of 2005, I understand the building is closed and up for sale again.
It served for years as an ice cream parlor. The New Bedford bottle has a sister bottle in Raynham, both erected by Frates Dairy. They were designed by Les Labrose and painted white with a cream color close to the brim, which was the way milk came back then -- cream was on the top.
The New Bedford Bottle is now owned by G&S Pizza and will be serving ice cream soon (but the cream is gone from the top of the bottle -- they painted over it